Who We Are.


Affinity Partners brings to the table over 50 years of collaborative experience in designing products and benefits solutions available to wholesale, retail, and direct-to-consumer markets. Our optimized digital user experience and attention to societal trends has put our name on the map when it comes to the market of affinity products.

Our Values.

Customer Commitment

We take pride in the responsibility of maintaining an ethical and trustworthy relationship with our customers, agents, and brokers. We provide honest information and answers, wanting the best for those who use our services.


Progressive Benefits

As time moves forward, so does the need for innovative and custom solutions to meet the demands of the ever-changing market. Affinity Partners is committed to staying abreast of healthcare needs and providing solutions to meet the demands of marketers and consumers alike.

Market Expertise.

Customizable Strategies

At Affinity Partners, we strive on successful partnerships within a variety of markets, making specially designed benefits accessible to a variety of consumer types. With a flexible business model, we are able to accommodate a variety of market types to fulfill the needs of each partner with customizable options to exceed company visions and goals.