Association Benefits.

Membership Incentives

Affinity Partners specializes in building positive relationships with top-rated companies to bring quality products to support and grow associations. We work to increase value by helping individuals save on costs related to lifestyle expenses through discount association benefits.

Employer Groups.

Unparalleled Resources

Our goal is to improve employee engagement and retention with flexible and innovative wellness benefits that employees utilize and appreciate. We overstep traditional benefits and bring to the forefront access to a platform of innovative products that exceed expectations and deliver a positive experience.


Customizable Partnerships

Our clients receive personalized services to design a portfolio of innovative affinity benefits to create or enhance a consumer program as best suits their audience. We offer each program al a cart or create unique bundles to meet the needs of the member-base for groups of all sizes. With the option to white label or co-brand our products, we open the door to collaborating with companies and product service marketers nationwide.

Direct to Consumer.

B2C Platform

Our menu of direct-to-consumer products are supported with complete benefit administration, trained and trusted customer service representatives, and online digital tools to deliver a personalized and positive customer journey. With benefit solutions available for individuals and families, consumers can customize their selections to meet their lifestyle and health needs.