Maintain Positive Oral Health

SLEEK Dental Club

SLEEK Dental Club provides elite members with unique options to receive savings on out-of-pocket costs associated with dental care. In addition, qualifying members receive a sonic electric toothbrush welcome kit with quarterly brush head and floss picks auto shipped. Members receive additional oral care perks with value-added benefits included in each plan.

Pet Health Solutions


Pin Paws LLC has been paving the way to help reunite lost pets with their owners since 2017. As millennials gradually crept their way into taking over the workforce, we grew at a liner rate by creating Pin Paws Plus and Pin Paws Pet Care. Pet health solutions help parents save money when it comes to caring for their furry friends, and we are proud to be a leader in the industry.

  • Pin Paws – Lost Pet Notification System
  • Pin Paws Plus – Discount Pet Benefit Membership

  • Pin Paws Pet Care – Pet Insurance Underwritten by MetLife

PHR Solutions


Ever wonder how First Responders would know to contact your loved ones in the event you are injured and non-responsive? ICE Tracer is a health solution to store important personal and medical information online that is accessible via a wearable device. Notify medical staff of your Emergency Contact, drug allergies, and other information necessary to provide you with appropriate emergent care.

Wellness Discounts


Wellpons is a physical and mental wellness solution providing members with access to discounts on health-related products and services. Living a healthy lifestyle is expensive! With an easy-to-navigate experience, members can search different health categories and save on products they love or venture and try something new while saving money with their membership.

Pet Supply Savings


In 2020, pet owners spent $103.6 billion on their pets. Wigglepon gives members access to discounts on pet-centric brands, merchandise, and services. Is your pet in need of a new leash? Want to try that raw food diet, but not sure if your pet is going to be a fan? Pet owners appreciate the variety of discounts available to help cut the costs of caring for their pet with their Wigglepon membership.

Emergency Travel Assistance


In the event of an unexpected medical emergency, whether you are traveling 100 miles from home or across the world, Travel Assist Plus provides our members access to important medical care and transportation aid while saving on unexpected costs. With one membership for the family, each medical emergency benefit is globally available 24/7. Our members can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have access to an umbrella of valuable travel benefits in the event of a medical emergency day or night.